Friday, January 25, 2013


I went through a board game phase in my early 20's when they started coming out with different versions of popular games like Scooby Doo Clue and Disney Monoploy. They also released some classic anniversary editions in nice tins with super detailed figures so I added Candyland to my collection too. Needless to say I didn't realized years later I would be sharing these with my own daughter, but here I am. Guess I was preparing for the future.

Sometime in December we introduced Candyland to Sophie and she loves it! Who doesn't really, it's a magical, colorful land with candy stops along the way. I love it because she practices her colors and counting plus of course she's learning patience and good sportsmanship. Trust me, I do not let her win. She wins and loses on her own and she wins often.

I was trying to come up with a fun, cool card for the Moxie Fab Challenge - Make Your Own Background Paper after we got done playing on night and I decided I wanted to do something colorful-Candyland colorful. So I broke out every (okay not every but a lot) Happy Birthday stamp I had and came up with this rainbow of color creation. This was SO not the easiest card to make LOL. I must have stamped 3-4 "samples" before I found the right pattern and placement for each stamp.

I cut strips of cardstock and layered them in rainbow fashion as my background. I figure there was enough color and Happy Birthdays on the card that I stamped "To You!" in brown. Though I did create the rainbow colored banner it sits on. Hee hee...

Finishing touches include sprinkles of rhinestone all in matching colors and a red and white twine bow. I seriously tried to make a bow from all 6 colors but it was overkill so red and white won.

Hope you like my little creation...on a side note: board games are still awesome and I highly recommend you play one soon. Even if it's with a bunch of adults!

Paper: Recollections Cardstock
Stamps: Hero Arts, TPC Studio, Clear Dollar Stamps, The Crafts Meow, Paper & Such
Ink: Studio G, Colorbox & Stampin' Up
Embellishments: The Twinery & Recollections Rhinestones
Adhesive: Scotch ATG


  1. I love CandyLand too! This is such a fun card! Thanks so much for sharing your blog on the Market Street Stamps Facebook page! xo Angelica

  2. This is great! The fun colors made me smile :) We are a HUGE board game playing family. An entire bookshelf is devoted entirely to games and puzzles and we usually play at least 4 games a day. So much more fun than watching TV :) However... the internet is pretty stiff competition. *LOL*

  3. So fun, Jennifer! LOVE the rainbow colors! I totally see how it was inspired by Candyland ;), and your sentiment placement is uber trendy and absolutely perfect!

  4. Hey Jennifer! Thanks for linking this up to the Make Your Own Background Paper Challenge in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)

  5. This is so cute and fun! Isn't it neat how the fun things around us can give us a spark of inspiration!


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